Windows 9 Concept Makes Microsoft’s OS Look Stunning

Designer creates one of the most beautiful interpretations of Windows 9

Microsoft is expected to break the news on Windows 9 in just a couple of months at the BUILD 2014 developer conference, but people familiar with the matter are also revealing some of the features that could be part of the next full Windows release.

Based on all these rumors, several designers across the world have created more or less eye-candy interpretations of Windows 9, most of which come with Start Menus and Modern apps that run directly on the desktop.

DeviantArt user nik255 has created a beautiful concept that envisions the key features of the upcoming Windows 9, including a Start Menu, options to run Metro apps outside the Modern environment, and multiple desktops support.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, the concept does borrow some design elements from other platforms, but they still look great and there’s no doubt that Microsoft would make Windows 9 a lot more appealing if it decides to go for such an approach.

As far as existing speculation is concerned, word is that Microsoft would share its Windows 9 plans in April at the BUILD 2014 developer conference, with work on the project expected to start later the same month.

What’s more, Microsoft expects to complete the development process for Windows 9 in approximately one year, which means that the next full Windows release should be here by April 2015.

Windows 9 is very likely to bring back the traditional Start Menu, in another attempt to make the operating system more user-friendly and easier to use for beginners.

At the same time, people familiar with Microsoft’s plans pointed out that options to run Metro apps on the desktop just like traditional Windows software could be also be part of the upcoming project.

We’re still waiting for Microsoft to share more on Windows 9, so take all these details with a pinch of salt until we hear something official.


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