Windows 9 Build 9788 Screenshot Leaked

Screenshot allegedly shows an early build of Windows 9

Everyone knows that Microsoft is already working on Windows 9 despite the fact that the company itself hasn't talked too much about future OS versions, but here's what seems to be the first confirmation that a new Windows build is coming.

The screenshot you're seeing here allegedly shows Windows build 9788, which could actually represent an early version of Windows 9.

While it's hard to determine whether this is actually Windows 9 or the second Windows 8.1 update scheduled for launch later this year, previous reports indicated that build 9788 is part of the Windows 9 release.

There's not much you can see in this screenshot though, as it only shows the same desktop as in Windows 8.1, but the build number at the bottom of the screen is the one that's really important this time.

According to rumors, Windows 9 could be launched in early 2015, with Microsoft preparing two different preview versions that could see daylight this year.

Russian leaker WZor said a few weeks ago that Microsoft might actually showcase an early version of Windows 9 at the WPC 2014 conference that kicks off next week, so if this screenshot indeed shows the upcoming full version of Windows, don't be too surprised if Redmond at least teases Windows 9 at the show.

Windows 9 is expected to bring quite a lot of changes, starting with the addition of a Start menu and ending with a desktop version of Cortana, at least in beta stage. The Start menu was initially projected to hit the market as part of Windows 8.1 Update 2, but it appears that the company has actually re-thought its plans and decided to push the return of this feature to Windows 9.

As you can see for yourselves, there's no sign of a Start menu in this screenshot and the leaker clearly wanted to show only the build number and nothing more, most likely as living proof that Microsoft is indeed working on a new version of Windows.

In the meantime, take everything with a pinch of salt and keep your fingers crossed for more Windows 9 information next week at WPC. Microsoft is expected to discuss about several new projects at the show and in case the company decides to remain tightlipped on Windows 9, expect it to at least present the second Windows 8.1 update, which should be here in approximately one month for both PCs and tablets.

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