Windows 9 Beta Version Concept Released with an Upgraded Interface

Designer creates a new Windows 9 concept with a different look

Windows 9 is clearly one of the most anticipated products ever released by Microsoft, pretty much because the future operating system is expected to bring several major changes to the Windows product family.

DeviantArt usr furqan01 has created his very own interpretation of a Windows 9 concept that comes with larger icons and fonts, as well as with some pretty major changes on the taskbar.

While the concept clearly needs more refinements in order to look good, it does bring forth some interesting ideas. The Start button, for example, could be replaced with the word “Start” for a much more intuitive interface that reminds of Windows XP, while the taskbar could also hold shortcuts for Modern apps.

At the same time, the System Tray area has been redesigned with bigger icons which, at some point, could even make the desktop more appropriate for touch-capable devices.

Called “Windows 9 Beta Version,” this concept also features a redesigned Windows Explorer, again with larger icons and bigger fonts, but plenty of improvements still need to be made for a more appealing look.

Getting back to the improvements we've told you about in the opening lines of this article, Windows 9 is expected to bring back the traditional Start Menu, along with some other slight enhancements for the desktop.

The Start Menu is expected to be offered on Windows 9 versions that would be only aimed at desktop computers, as PC users remain the only ones who would really need such a feature.

At the same time, word is that Microsoft is looking into ways to make Modern apps accessible from the desktop in order to allow users to launch them without accessing the Metro interface. Modern tools would thus be launched in their very own windows, just like desktop apps currently supported by the x86 and x64 versions of the OS.

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