Windows 8 to Offer 20 Start Screen Patterns to Play with

Users will benefit from increased customization options

Windows 8 did not offer too many customization options for the Metro-style Start Screen in the pre-release versions that we had the chance to try out until now, but that should change in the final flavor of the platform, rumor has it.

In fact, it appears that the Windows 8 RTM flavor that is expected to become available as soon as this week would be able to provide specific info on the matter.

Rumor has it that the Redmond-based software giant might be set to include no less than 20 Start Screen patterns in Windows 8 when it is released to manufacturing.

All these will make it into the final product, which should become available for purchase on October 26 this year.

Start Screen patterns have been introduced for the first time in the Consumer Preview flavor of Windows 8, offering users the possibility to change the look of their Metro Start Screen.

Only a limited number of such personalization options were available so far for users, but their number will increase in Windows 8 RTM, a recent post on Win8China suggests.

As The Verge notes, the patterns that will allegedly make it inside the final flavor of Windows 8 appear to be more complex than those that are currently available in the Consumer Preview and Release Preview versions of the platform.

Combined with the availability of a wide range of color options for users, these 20 Start Screen patterns will make it easier for Windows 8 users to apply a personal touch to their computers.

The final flavor of the platform is expected to feature a variety of other graphical changes as well when compared to the pre-release versions, including the lack of Aero Glass interface.

Recently, we also had the chance to have a look at what was said to be the default wallpaper for the OS, as well as the lockscreen image.

As mentioned above, Windows 8 is expected to become commercially available on October 26, when the first tablets specifically designed for it will hit shelves, including Microsoft’s own Surface tablet.


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