Windows 8’s Lockscreen Images Hide Secret Messages

All photos contain a hidden message from the Windows 8 dev team

The Windows 8 lockscreen has been redesigned to better match the design of Microsoft’s new operating system, but besides an eye-candy layout, the company has also rolled out some very attractive backgrounds.

It turns out that all these images are actually used by the Redmond-based technology giant to send hidden messages from the Windows 8 dev team, as each photo has a different meaning.

Jensen Harris, director of Program Management, Windows User Experience, said at the UX Week 2012 that Windows 8’s default lockscreens are actually “Easter eggs” selected to send a hidden message.

“Every one of them was selected as an Easter egg to showcase one of the (design) principles. Something no one’s going to notice, we’ve encoded the principles of our design language into Windows 8 itself,” Harris explained.

Here’s the meaning of each default lockscreen currently available in Windows 8:

- Bee hive / Win as one (internal motto) – bees working together to do something greater than just the sum of the parts

- Colored lines / Authentically digital – the idea of no ornamentation

- Train / Fast and fluid – beautiful train zooming around the bend into the city

- Shell / Do more with less – beauty of what you can do with basic shapes that are in nature

- Piano / pride in craftsmanship – ivory keys of a piano that has been hand carved and polished

As you probably know by now if you’ve already made the move to Windows 8, the new Microsoft operating system also allows consumers to use their very own photos as lockscreens.

Simply launch the “Start Screen,” write down “customize lock screen,” click on the “Settings” tab and hit the option that says “Customize your lock screen and notifications.”

The configuration screen allows you not only to select a new lockscreen background, but also to set up notifications and quick status information messages.

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