Windows 8’s Early Adoption Rate Lags Behind Windows 7’s

New data shows that Windows 7 attracted more users than Windows 8 in the first 30 days

Microsoft revealed earlier today that it had already sold a total of 40 million Windows 8 copies, but it’s not all just milk and honey when it comes to the new operating system.

According to data released by StatCounter for, Windows 8’s early adoption rate is still lower than Windows 7’s, as the previous Windows iteration has attracted more users in its first 30 days on the market.

Windows 8 had a market share of 2.05 percent in the United States and 1.44 percent worldwide one month after its debut, while Windows 7 reached a market share of 4.95 percent 30 days after it officially saw daylight.

While this isn’t entirely bad news for Microsoft, as Windows 8’s market share is growing at a fast pace, figures released by Net Applications demonstrate that Microsoft’s new OS will have a very hard time trying to steal Windows 7’s leading spot.

The Windows 8 predecessor had a market share of 45.59 percent during the week of November 7, while Windows XP reached the second position with 39.46 percent. Windows 8 registered a market share of 1.02 percent, but figures are very likely to be increased in the next few months.

Sources familiar with the matter have previously hinted that Microsoft blames the lack of Windows 8 devices for the slow debut of the new operating system.

StatCounter officials, on the other hand, also point out that Hurricane Sandy could be one of the reasons why Windows 8’s sales remained low during the first weeks of availability.

Things are developing great for Windows 8 and Microsoft expects to see record sales as the PC market is also getting back on its feet. Analysts expect a significant recovery for the hardware market in 2013, so Windows 8 sales are very likely to take off in just a few months from now.

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