Windows 8 Won’t Inject New Life into the Windows Franchise – Analyst

Initial sales of the new OS have been disappointing, FBR Capital analyst David Hilal says

Microsoft doesn’t talk too much about Windows 8 sales, but analysts have developed a special affinity for the way the new Windows version performs on the market.

FBR Capital analyst David Hilal claims that Windows 8 sales have been disappointing and says that Microsoft’s new operating system won’t be able to “inject new life into the Windows franchise.”

“While the anticipation and launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system has been one of the most talked about technology stories of 2012, we believe initial adoption of the OS and sales of Microsoft’s first tablet have been disappointing,” he was quoted as saying by Forbes.

Microsoft said a few weeks ago that approximately 40 million Windows 8 copies have been sold in just one month after its official debut, suggesting that the reinvented operating system is actually a successful product.

Official figures released by several market researchers, on the other hand, indicate that Windows 8 is yet to take off, but sales are expected to be increased next year when the PC market is also predicted to post a significant recovery. This won’t happen until mid-2013, according to previous forecasts.

David Hilal doubts that Windows 8 has the power to continue the success of the Windows product family and suggests that the Redmond-based technology company may actually be very disappointed with sales figures. What’s more, Windows 8’s poor performance might also have a strong impact on Microsoft’s shares, he added.

“We do not think Windows 8 will be able to inject new life into the Windows franchise and that it will represent less than 10% of the all-important total paid Windows commercial OS installed base at the end of year one. We believe this will be largely viewed as a disappointment and could keep a lid on Microsoft shares,” the analyst continued.

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