Windows 8 Will Definitely Succeed – Lenovo

PC manufacturers continue to bet big on the new Windows OS

Microsoft doesn’t talk too much about the way Windows 8 is performing after launch, but analysts and some insiders have hinted that the new operating system was still struggling to ignite the ever-collapsing hardware industry.

While many believe that the upcoming Windows Blue project is Microsoft’s only chance to turn Windows 8 into a successful product, PC manufacturers continue to bet big on the new software, saying that it’s just a matter of time before it takes off.

Lenovo officials, for example, are confident that Windows 8 will “become a successful platform in the future,” so the company will continue to release products running this operating system.

“We have a very long relationship with Microsoft on the PC business and we fully believe that it is going to be a successful platform in future,” Christopher Millward, director of global communications for Lenovo’s MIDH group, told TabTimes.

“It may not have got off to the start Microsoft expected but a Windows 8 operating system optimized for touch is the future.”

As compared to other companies who have already attacked Microsoft for its efforts in the hardware industry, Millward says that Lenovo doesn’t see the Surface tablet as a potential rival, claiming that competition is good for the entire market.

“We certainly don’t feel threatened by it. More competition is generally good,” he explained.

Millward seems to reiterate Steve Ballmer's point of view, as Microsoft’s CEO recently noted that the Surface tablet shouldn’t be considered a potential rival for the other devices currently on the market, but more like a new project supposed to help the entire Windows ecosystem.

“I’m super-glad we did Surface. I think it is important—and not just for Microsoft but for the entire Windows ecosystem—to see integrated hardware and software,” he said. “Surface is a real business. In an environment in which there’s 350 million PCs sold, I don’t think Surface is going to dominate volume, but it’s a real business.”

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