Windows 8 Users Click on a Third-Party Start Menu 10 Times per Day

Start Menu app developer says that users need such a feature in Windows 8

The lack of a Start Menu in Windows 8 is deemed as one of the biggest drawbacks of Microsoft’s new operating system and data released by a third-party Start Menu developer does nothing more than to confirm this.

SweetLabs’ Pokki for Windows 8 is one of the software solutions that can bring a Start Menu in the latest Windows iteration, along with some tweaks that could lend users a hand when trying to make the OS a bit more familiar.

According to data released by SweetLabs, the app has recorded more than 500,000 downloads, as more and more users feel the need for a Start Menu on their Windows 8 device.

Statistics indicated that an average Pokki user clicks the third-party Start Menu approximately 10 times per day. In addition, people use the Start Menu more often than they load webpages and go the restroom every day, SweetLabs said.

63 percent of the users turn to a third-party Start Menu for shortcuts, while 62 percent need it for power options. Only 29 percent of the consumers have installed Pokki to quickly access the installed apps.

As for the Windows 8 Start Screen, a shocking 85 percent of the users install the third-party Start Menu solution to completely disable it. 27 percent of the users want to disable the left hot corner, while 11 percent wish to turn off absolutely all hot corners.

In case he decides to continue using the Start Screen, the average user creates only 19 tiles, the company continued.

This is obviously bad news for Microsoft, as Windows boss Julie Larson-Green recently said in an interview that getting used to the Start Screen is just a matter of time. She said that users could need up to two weeks to discover the benefits of the new operating system, even though some more experienced users could do it in just 2 days.

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