Windows 8 Users Can’t Live Without a Start Button

Statistics demonstrate that many Windows 8 adopters are actually downloading such an app

Even though it may seem like a minor change, the lack of a Start button is considered to be one of the main reasons for Windows 8’s disappointing sales so far, as many consumers are still struggling to get used to the new operating system.

While Microsoft has absolutely no intention to bring back the traditional Start button, the solution comes from third-party software developers who have already created a number of apps supposed to restore this particular feature in Windows 8.

But how many Windows 8 adopters are actually choosing to deploy a third-party Start button on their newly acquired operating system? Way too many.

According to the company behind Pokki, one of the most popular Start Menu apps on the market, more than 1.5 million Windows 8 users have already downloaded their product.

And if we are to trust their own figures, the average user clicks on this Start button 10 times a day, which basically shows us how important such a feature really is for the typical Windows buyer.

Stardock, the creator of the popular Start8 application that does the same thing on Windows 8, told Neowin that its Start Menu software had recorded no less than 3 million downloads until now. Even if the application comes with a price tag of $4.99 (€3.75), that is.

Of course, there are several freeware software solutions that bring a Start button on Windows 8 out there on the web, so the number of users who actually go for such a product is definitely bigger.

In the meantime, software companies are working to improve their very own Start buttons, while Microsoft shows no intention to bring back this feature on the Windows platform. And according to rumors, the upcoming Windows Blue will stick with the Start Screen too.

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