Windows 8 UEFI Requirements and Security Architecture Sessions at IDF2011

Microsoft still not ready to share details about BUILD

Microsoft might not be ready to share details about theWindows 8-centric BUILD event, but Intel is less shy about its own developer conference.

The CPU giant published the list of sessions for the Intel Developer Forum 2011, and it appears that the next generation of Windows will get its fair share of the spotlight. (via Brooke Crothers)

Topics such as Windows 8 UEFI requirements and the operating system’s security architecture will be discussed, according to Intel.

Of course, IDF2011 will take place the same time as BUILD, and it’s bound that the Redmond company will share all the juicy details about Windows 8 ahead of its processor manufacturing partner.

The “Microsoft Windows Platform Evolution and UEFI Requirements” will be presented by Mark Doran Senior Principal Engineer, Intel; Scott Anderson Program Manager, Microsoft and Tony Mangefeste Senior Program Manager, also from Microsoft.

“This session will provide updates on the Windows 8 platform and UEFI protocols and services,” reads an excerpt from the session’s description.

“Topics in this session include: wow a future platform would evolve with advanced features in firmware using the latest UEFI protocol and services; [and] technical details of the latest Windows* 8 platform requirements including UEFI boot and security will be discussed.”

The ‘Microsoft Windows 8 on Intel Architecture’ session “will provide a glimpse into: the upcoming release of Microsoft’s next operating system release Windows 8; [and] the work both companies are undertaking to deliver this new compute experience.”

No less than five presenters will discuss “Integrating Intel Platform Capabilities on Microsoft Windows Security Architecture,” a session which promises to offer insight into the security architecture improvements in Windows 8.

This particular session will also reveal “how Platform Trust Technologies and Cryptographic Acceleration support meet the security requirements necessary to build robust systems; [and let participants] see how the combined OS and platform hardware work together to offer improved user experience and security to consumers.”

A Q&A session on Windows 8 will also allow IDF2011 participants to get additional details about the successor of Windows 7.

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