Windows 8 Touch Gesture Mouse, an Uncanny Genius Invention

Genius will reveal the mouse along with two others at CES 2013

Peripheral makers have been especially active of late, something that always happens around the winter holidays, and Genius has been in the thick of it from the very start, and is making another move now.

We cannot exactly say that Genius thought of Christmas when it made the latest announcement in the worldwide press.

While it did reveal three peripherals, mice to be exact, it mentioned that they wouldn't be available immediately.

Instead, they will show up as part of its exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the 2013 edition of the consumer electronics show (CES 2013).

The three mice are called Touch Mouse 6000, GX Gila Gaming Mouse and Ring Mouse 2.

The first of the trio almost completely lacks buttons. Instead, it uses a touch pad, of sorts, to recognize taps and gestures. It will give users “full use of the new Windows interface” when there is no touchscreen available.

The second mouse, GX Gila, has already been given the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award.

As a “professional gaming mouse,” it boasts a 200 to 8,200 dpi laser sensor and has a total of 12 buttons, plus the “Angle Snapping” function that raises cursor precision at high speeds.

The third and final mouse, Ring Mouse 2, is “one of the world's first in-air mice” and lets owners surf the web just by moving their fingers.

Essentially, the Ring Mouse is worn on the finger (hence the “ring” part) and has a rubber design that bends and folds according to how one moves their finger. A 4-way scroll wheel is part of the design.

We'll have to wait until next month (January 2013) for a full view of the mice, and for their prices to be revealed. Other PC and tablet accessories, like Bluetooth mice and keyboards, will be there for all to see as well.

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