Windows 8 Tablets in Second Quarter of 2012, ViewSonic Delivers

The first model will have a 10-inch high resolution display

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system will go down in history as the first version of the software to be optimized for tablets, and this may happen sooner than some may think.

According to a new rumor from Digitimes, ViewSonic will have the Windows 8 tablet out as early as the second quarter of this year.

What this means is that a 10-inch product will be launched at some point during the April-June period of 2012.

The tablet will possess a high-resolution display and probably an ARM chip. It will succeed the ViewPad 10, which has both Windows 7 and Android support.

The revelation was attributed to Max Liu, product marketing director of ViewSonic Asia Pacific.

Whether or not this rumor has a grain of truth is unclear, something that will probably last until the product actually launches (or doesn't).

Either way, a Windows 8 device is only one of the gadgets that ViewSonic has in the pipeline.

For example, there is a new version of the ViewPad 10e in the works, equipped with 3G. This is not a Windows 8 product, though, nor is it going to take very long in showing up.

In fact, the formal release is expected to take place next month (March, 2012), rather than two or three months from now.

There will also be a couple or three more slate unveilings during Q2, some of which will be running Android 4.0.

Windows 8 is the latest incarnation of Microsoft's operating system and is different from its predecessors through its support for the ARM processor architecture.

In seeking to become a viable software platform for touch-based slates, the OS began to integrate ARM support, since this is the technology that gained the most recognition in this field, despite Intel's efforts.

The software will be ready for adoption, by everything from PCs to enterprise systems, in the second half of this year.

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