Windows 8 Tablets Will Account for Just 5-8% in 2013

That suggests that shipments will be somewhere between 10 and 20 million

When Microsoft first released Windows 8, its licensing fees were rather high. That, along with the limited options for x86 tablet processors, caused Windows 8 slates to be rare and expensive.

Now, though, Microsoft has lowered the licensing rates, prompting more vendors to develop Windows 8 slates and prepare for launch during the second half of 2013.

This, Digitimes reports, will help Wintel slates, or Windows on AMD tablets if any come out, to sell better than last year.

Sure, they won't really hold a candle to Android slates or Apple iPad in terms of shipments, but they will still reach 10-20 million for the whole of 2013.

That would make them account for 5-8% of the total, globally.

The so-called peak season will be in Q3, which stretches from July to September.

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