Windows 8 System Reset / Restore to Original Factory Settings

Windows 8 leaks have offered a sneak peek of the evolution of System Restore options in the next major iteration of the Windows client.

Essentially, the successor of Windows 7 will not only allow users to perform a System Restore, but also a System Reset.

The new System Reset option is currently featured as one of the Recovery options in the Control Panel, according to details leaked in the wild about the forthcoming version of Windows.

Earlier this week, a screenshot that made its way in the wild offered unofficial confirmation of Windows 8’s new “restore to original factory settings.”

As the label implies, this feature will enable users not only to turn back the clock and restore the operating system to a specific point in time, but also to wipe the slate clean entirely.

Save for user accounts and personal files, a Windows 8 System Reset will take the operating system all the way back to the bare Windows installation.

According to information from early adopters running test development milestones of Windows 8, a System Reset is much faster compared to a re-install, and users are bound to prefer the first to the latter.

Recently leaked screenshots from CNBeta show the steps that Windows 8 takes when a System Reset was launched.

There’s a prelude stage and then users get the option to keep any existing accounts and personal files in place.

“System reset will remove all programs you’ve installed and restore default Windows settings. If you choose to keep user accounts and personal files, they will be available after your computer is restored,” Microsoft informs customers.

Check out the screenshots below in order to get an idea of the System Reset process.

I sincerely hope that in the case of new OEM PCs, System Reset doesn’t take users back to the custom installation of Windows 8 complete with all the crapware that original equipment manufacturers pack in, but to a clean OS instead, free of any pre-installed software.


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