Windows 8 Steals Users from Apple’s Playground

Study reveals users are ready to dump iPads in favor of Windows RT tablets

Microsoft’s Surface and Windows 8 are two appealing products not only for end users, but also for companies looking to make the move to some more advanced technologies.

A new report conducted by iYogi Insights reveals that more and more businesses are ready to abandon their tablets and switch to the Surface.

According to these findings, 29 percent of the 175 small businesses included in the survey said they have no tablet at this point, but admitted that Windows 8 and Windows RT devices would be their first option in case they’d want one.

38 percent of the users who own an iPad revealed that they’re already considering the new Windows RT tablets, so the switch could take place anytime soon.

The funny thing is that a different survey claims that companies aren’t quite interested in making the move to Windows 8 and Windows RT, mostly because the new platforms are sometimes considered confusing.

A study conducted by revealed that 23.8 percent of all organizations have no interest in upgrading to Windows 8, while only 4.5 percent of them said they would only consider the upgrade after the first service pack is released.

What’s worse is that nearly a half of those questioned over their intentions to adopt Windows 8 said they have absolutely no plan to deploy the new Microsoft operating system on their computers, but admitted that this decision could be reconsidered in the future.

And even though things aren’t going too great for Windows 8 in the business area, CEO Steve Ballmer said a few days ago that Microsoft had sold a total of 4 million Windows 8 updates in just one weekend. This means that Windows 8 is an appealing product not only for end users, but also companies and organizations, he explained.

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