Windows 8 Sales Deemed Disappointing Once Again

Sales of the new OS are well below expectations, a new report by New York Times claims

While Microsoft chooses to remain tight-lipped on Windows 8 sales, analysts and experts across the world continue to criticize the new operating system, suggesting that it could very well become the new Vista for the Redmond-based technology giant.

A new report published by the New York Times claims that Windows 8’s sales performance is fairly disappointing for the time being and hints that things won’t change significantly in the upcoming months.

The newspaper writes that Microsoft’s store in Bellevue, Washington failed to attract visitors during the week of December 16, even though the shopping center’s parking lot was pretty much full.

What’s more, Apple’s store has enjoyed a much greater success during the same period, which could be another proof that Microsoft’s products aren’t quite appealing for holiday shoppers.

While looking at Windows 8’s success during the holiday season isn’t quite a clear indication of its overall performance, it’s just another sign that Microsoft’s new operating system could actually fail to impress.

Analysts have previously suggested that Windows 8 sales could skyrocket in 2013, at about the same time when the PC industry is also expected to post a significant recovery. But the New York Times report claims this won’t be the case, as most customers would prefer to stick to Windows 7, especially due to the current “shaky economy.”

“Weak PC sales this holiday season suggest that the struggles of Microsoft and other companies that depend heavily on the computer business will not abate soon. Plenty of consumers already own PCs and seem content to make do with what they have, especially in a shaky economy in which less expensive mobile devices are bidding for a share of their wallets,” the report reads.

Microsoft previously revealed that it sold a total of 40 million copies of the new OS in just a single month, but several sources close to the matter hinted that Windows 8 actually missed internal sales projections.

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