Windows 8 Running on a USB – Windows To Go

Get unmatched mobility via a new flavor of Windows 8

Windows To Go is a special flavor of Windows 8 designed to provide unmatched mobility to users.

Essentially, Microsoft took Windows 8 and put the operating system on a USB key. The OS can boot right from the flash drive and offer a fully functional copy of Windows 8.

According to Iain McDonald, director of Program Management Windows Core System, customers leveraging Windows To Go get to take their copy of Windows 8 with them.

More importantly than enabling users to get their platform with them, Windows To Go also makes a range of components as well as personalization elements mobile.

Windows To Go offers the possibility to take advantage of the same customized version of Windows 8 regardless of the device the USB is connected to.

“Enterprise IT pros can provide users with bootable USB storage devices containing a copy of Windows 8, along with their business apps, data, and settings. When users are finished and log off, they simply remove the USB device, leaving no data or information behind,” the Redmond company revealed.

In a demonstration of Windows To Go, McDonald pulled out the USB right as Windows 8 was performing an operation.

Of course, the running task stopped immediately, however, it simply resumed from where it was before the USB was removed from the machine without any issues.

It’s important to underline that Windows To Go USB devices can be secured using the Windows BitLocker encryption technology, so even if such a device is lost or stolen, the contents are safe.

“With Windows 8, business users can seamlessly connect to content, devices, and people that are important for work. With Windows To Go users will experience increased mobility and business continuity without the need to carry a laptop or tablet,” Microsoft said.

“An encrypted USB device will securely start their managed business desktop with access to corporate resources from any computer capable of running Windows 8, virtually anywhere.”

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