Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 Reportedly Leaks Online

The build has already emerged on various p2p websites

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Release Preview flavor is expected to become available for download as soon as next week, yet it seems that the build might have already leaked online.

A post on the WinUnleaked forums suggests that the Windows 8 Release Preview build 8400 is already available for download on various peer to peer websites, in the form of an ISO image.

Previously, we had the chance to have a look at some leaked info on Microsoft’s official Release Preview builds, and it appears that the leaked software matches one of them.

Apparently, this is indeed a legit build of Release Preview for China, and those who would like to give it a try can verify that through having a look at its HASH.

It should be:

MD5: F3AC28467258EC9F0ECEAF9690A0F06E

SHA1: C21B69413E08FCFB756EEDB2B99D0C0472486D1C

CRC32: 67F85067

Of course, the official release is only several days away, but there are already a lot of people growing anxious to learn more on what Microsoft has packed inside the latest Windows 8 flavor.

Some of the latest reports on the matter suggested that there would be updated and new Metro applications from the Redmond-based software giant, in addition to a series of visual changes.

Unlike in the Windows 8 Developer Preview and Consumer Preview versions, the future flavors of the platform should lose the Aero Glass and suffer modifications to the common controls on desktop mode.

Overall, the Windows 8 Desktop should show increased influence from the new Metro UI that dominates the platform. However, these modifications will be visible only in the final flavor of the OS.

The usability and performance of the platform will also be enhanced in upcoming releases, and the first taste of these improvements will arrive next week in Windows 8 Release Preview.

Most probably, the aforementioned leaked build will enable enthusiasts to learn some more on what these changes are all about.

Given that this is not an official Windows 8 release from Microsoft, however, we would advise users to refrain from downloading and installing it on their computers.

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