Windows 8 Officially Unveiled in China

China is the first country to see the new Windows 8 in action

China is the first country on the planet to have hosted a Windows 8 launch event, as the Redmond-based technology company previewed both the new OS and the Surface tablet in Shanghai today.

Just as we told you some time ago, Microsoft announced that Chinese users would be allowed to get a sneak peek at the new products a bit sooner, but both the Surface tablet and Windows 8 will go on sale on October 26, just like in the rest of the world.

Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft, and Ralph Haupter, corporate vice president of Microsoft and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region, attended the celebration that took place at Shanghai’s 1933 Grand Theatre.

Of course, Microsoft didn’t miss the opportunity to praise its new operating system and to emphasize how important it really is for consumers to make the move to Windows 8.

Windows 8 ushers in a new era with amazing experiences for Chinese consumers and commercial customers and creates new opportunities for Microsoft partners,” Haupter said.

“Microsoft has a more than 20-year history in the Greater China Region, and we are excited to start our Windows 8 launch series in Shanghai, China, the largest PC market in the world.”

“So, why China?” you may ask. Microsoft hasn’t officially explained the reason for choosing China as the first country to get Windows 8, but it is believed that it’s all just a part of the company’s efforts to reduce software piracy in this country.

Counterfeited copies of Microsoft software are used all across China, with four large state-owned companies believed to use pirated Windows and Office apps.

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