Windows 8 Multi-Monitor Support on Steroids

The old desktop and the Start Screen can run in tandem

While it’s true that the traditional desktop is somewhat pushed to the background in Windows 8, being transformed into the equivalent of an application, launching only if the user actually needs it, it also brings with it a new feature that has long been at the top of users’ wish lists for Windows.

Microsoft has enhanced multi-monitor support in Windows 8, enhancing the user experience of customers leveraging multiple screens.

As Softpedia readers can see in the image at the top of this article, the Taskbar now stretches across both monitors.

Moreover, once applications or websites are pinned on the Taskbar, they’ll show on all the monitors connected to the Windows 8 machine, enabling users to seamlessly access all items, without requiring them to come back time and again to the main screen as it is the case today.

According to the software giant, users will also be able to personalize the Taskbar for each monitor in part if they don’t want it to simply stretch on all of the screens.

“If you want to push the limits of your PC experience, we’ve invested in the features most often used by power users. We redesigned Windows Explorer and Task Manager to greatly enhance productivity, and developed new, flexible options for multi-monitor setups,” Microsoft said.

But there’s more. Since the new Start Screen and old desktop can coexist in Windows 8, users will be able to run the two in tandem, one on its very own monitor.

“Using multiple monitors is more flexible than ever before. New options allow you to display the Start screen on one monitor and the desktop on the other. Display different desktop backgrounds on each monitor or stretch your image across both. There are also options to have duplicate or unique task bars on each monitor,” Microsoft said.

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