Windows 8 Misses Internal Sales Projections

Although Microsoft is yet to disclose these projections, Windows 8 is yet to meet them

A couple of weeks ago, it has emerged that CEO Steve Ballmer and the other Microsoft executives are disappointed with Windows 8’s slow start, citing the lack of devices running the latest Windows operating system as one of the reasons.

Paul Thurrott of, the one who rolled out the report claiming that Windows 8 had missed internal sales projections, comes back to put things straight and emphasize that Microsoft’s latest operating system is yet to become a “disaster,” as some have called it.

In fact, Windows 8 has failed to meet the internal projections, he said, but nobody knows what those projections actually are. And Windows 8 sales are still expected to grow up quickly in the next few months, simply because it’s Windows, Thurrott explained.

What’s more interesting is that one of the potential reasons for Windows 8 missing the sales target is indeed the lack of devices running the new OS.

“While PC makers had announced a wide range of launch PCs and devices, many weren’t even delivered to retail in time for the Windows 8 launch,” Thurrott wrote based on his inside information.

“Second, a source at Microsoft tells me that PC makers did not manufacture PCs and devices in the quantities needed to support the Windows 8 launch,” he continued.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to disclose official sales figures for the new Windows 8 operating system, but figures released by Net Applications demonstrate that it’s constantly increasing its market share every month.

It’s yet to overtake the other Windows flavors, but it’s still a new product on the market and, with so many analysts expecting a significant recovery of the PC market in 2013, sales of the Windows 8 operating system are very likely to take off in a few months.

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