Windows 8 Maps Updated with 121 TB of Satellite Imagery

Microsoft rolls out major update for Windows 8 Map app and Bing Maps

The Redmond-based technology company Microsoft has just rolled out a major update for the Windows 8 Map app and Bing Maps, adding over 121 TB of satellite and Global Ortho imagery available for free for all users of the two services.

According to Microsoft, the update brings over 15 million square kilometers of new data and covers South American, Africa, Asia and Europe, but it also comprises additional coverage in North American and Australia.

“Our latest release of Global Ortho imagery includes 69 blocks and covers over 800,000 sq km. In total, we have published 10,777,300 square kilometers covering 100% of the United States and 83% of Western Europe! The Global Ortho project is nearing completion with only 4% remaining to be published,” the company explained in a blog post.

What’s more, the company has updated the Europe and US desktop themes, so they now feature more than 200 and 175 images, respectively. Of course, the themes are available for free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users and can be downloaded in a second from Softpedia.

The online Bing Maps services has also been updated with a Hurricane Sandy app that offers a detailed view of the area that got hit by Sandy in late October.

“Once weather permitted, Keystone Aerial Surveys, one of our Global Ortho flying partners, acquired over 5,368 sq km of striking high-resolution aerial imagery along the New York and New Jersey coastlines,” Microsoft explains.

If you wish to view imagery provided by the Hurricane Sandy Bing Maps app, go over to the official Bing Maps website and click on “Map Apps.”

Look in the list for the “Hurricane Sandy App” and click on it. The map service should automatically get you to the updated locations, with dedicated controls to toggle between pre- and post-hurricane damage.

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