Windows 8 Is the Right Choice to Make Extra Money – Microsoft

The company says Windows 8 is helping retailers sell more products

Windows 8 is alive and kicking, but Microsoft continues its marketing blitz to convince everyone that its new operating system is at least worth a shot.

After announcing that it had managed to sell a total of 60 million copies in just two months after the official launch, Microsoft comes back to say that Windows 8 is the right choice for retailers who wish to make extra money with ease.

A Windows 8 application can help you reach new customers, the company said, and Amazon, Dell, eBay, Newegg, Office Depot and the Home Shopping Network are the best examples. They all have apps in the Windows Store in order to allow users explore their products and purchase them with just one click.

“With the flexibility of Windows 8 to seamlessly work on a variety of form factors, retailers are able to enhance the shopping experience for their customers with Windows Store apps, whether featured on all-in-ones that find their way into offices and homes, or on tablets that are perfect for kicking back on the couch and browsing catalogs,” Microsoft explained.

And while it pretty much makes sense, this is nothing more than another call for developers and companies around the world to create apps for Microsoft’s latest platform, as the software giant clearly needs the Windows Store to grow bigger.

There are nearly 38,000 apps available in the Store right now, but the real problem is that some large companies, including Google and Facebook, do not intend to develop software solutions for Windows 8.

Third-party applications remain the only options to access their services, so encouraging more developers to embrace the new Windows platform is a priority for Microsoft in order to really make the new operating system a market success.

The company expects to see 100,000 apps in the Store by February, but it’s pretty obvious that such a target is impossible to reach with only 15 days to go.

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