Windows 8 Is the Most Ambitious Project Since 1995 – Microsoft Official

Windows CFO Tami Reller says this is the best Windows ever

Steve Ballmer’s opinion that Windows 8 is the most important moment in Microsoft’s history since 1995 is also shared by Windows CFO Tami Reller, who added that this is the best Windows so far.

In an interview with The Verge, Tami Reller explained that Windows 8 “is the most ambitious project we’ve embarked on since 1995” and is clearly “the best Windows ever.”

Besides the fact that “it’s truly magical,” Windows 8 is an operating system that combines the best of all worlds, Steve Ballmer said yesterday during the launch event.

“Windows 8 will help you do everything and will make it a lot of fun, frankly, to do nothing. One device now pairs the greatest qualities of the PC with the greatest qualities of the tablet experience. To do this, our partners have come up with incredible new designs,” Ballmer explained.

Reller on the other hand has a different view on the number of Windows Store apps, as compared to his colleague Antoine Leblond.

Leblond emphasized yesterday that it’s not the number of apps that counts, but their quality and Microsoft struggles to offer its users high-quality apps.

Tami Reller admits that Windows 8’s Store needs as many apps as possible and revealed that the overall number of apps submitted to the Store has increased significantly in the last few days. Yesterday, there were nearly 8,000 apps available in the Store, according to unofficial reports.

“The submissions into the store have dramatically accelerated over the past couple of weeks because there's a lot of apps that do want to be there day one,” Reller concluded.

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