Windows 8 Is Still Not Successful – Acer Bloomberg

Everybody expects the new operating system to perform better

Windows 8 was considered one of the most important players to contribute to a significant PC industry recovery, but Microsoft’s new operating system has until now failed to boost sales of this particular sector.

What’s more, sales of the new software remain below expectations, even though Microsoft has already revealed that it had managed to sell a total of 60 million copies since launch.

As far as Acer is concerned, Windows 8 is still not successful, but everybody expects the new OS to perform better in the upcoming months, as the hardware market is also likely to post a slight recovery.

Acer President Jim Wong told Bloomberg in an interview that Windows 8’s general availability in late October didn’t help the PC industry recover to a full growth, which is one of the signs that Microsoft’s new OS failed to excite.

“Windows 8 itself is still not successful. The whole market didn’t come back to growth after the Windows 8 launch, that’s a simple way to judge if it is successful or not,” he said.

“You saw that all the marketing and promotions were not as broad as Windows 8, so to reach this success is encouraging.”

With Microsoft providing so little information about Windows 8’s sales performance, it’s difficult to figure out whether or not the new operating system is a successful product.

Analysts, however, suggest that Windows 8 will only take off this year, as its sales performance so far is rather disappointing.

Some unofficial reports are also pointing out that Microsoft’s executives, including CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows boss Julie Larson-Green, are blaming the PC industry for not building enough devices capable of making the most of Windows 8.

Touchscreen devices are a must for Windows 8, executives reportedly said, so the lack of such computers could be one of the reasons for a rather weak sales performance of the new Windows contraption.

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