Windows 8 Is Going to Be a Very Special Experience – Microsoft Official

Microsoft employee talks about the main features of the new OS

Keith Lorizio, VP, U.S. Sales & Marketing, said in an interview with Beet.TV that Windows 8 has all the chances to become a successful product because it has exactly the three things an operating system needs the most: a massive distribution, cross-platform support and built-in ads.

Lorizio however also commented on the other features of the upcoming OS, emphasizing that it’s going to provide a very special experience to all user categories.

“Prior to now, everybody has known Microsoft for connecting experiences across MSN, the Xbox and Windows Phone. But we never had the operating system engaged in that equal system,” Lorizio explained.

Windows 8 will be officially unveiled on October 25 during a New York event, with Steve Ballmer also expected to present the company’s first tablet called Surface.

Windows 8 will thus be aimed not only at desktop computers, but also at tablets and mobile phones, which helps Microsoft target multiple user categories with the same product.

“When you come in to your start page, it’s going to be a whole new experience, tile based, very swipe orientated and touch and feel and it’s going to be personalized. Twitter, Facebook, all of you pictures will be right there in front of you,” said Lorizio.

Microsoft expects the new OS to sell in millions of copies in 2013, especially based on the success it has already registered in beta stage.

The company says that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is the most tested pre-release product ever released by the company, as no less than 1 million users downloaded this particular version in the first day of availability.

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