Windows 8 Is Definitely a Game Changer – Orange

Orange officials claim that Windows 8 will take off this year

Windows 8 is slowly increasing its market share, according to some new data provided by market researcher Net Applications, but officials of France Telecom – Orange claim that Microsoft’s new operating system will definitely take off in the next few months.

Speaking about Windows Phone 8 and its chances against Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, Danièle Cohen, director of Convergent Devices at Orange, also commented on Windows 8’s chances to impress in the desktop sector.

“On the PC it is definitely a game-changer. It provides an experience that is much closer to that on phones and tablets, with the touch-screen capabilities,” Cohen was quoted as saying by Light Reading.

“Windows 8 [including Windows Phone 8] offers a consistent experience across a number of devices -- the smartphone, tablet, PC and Xbox.”

While Microsoft chooses not to talk about Windows 8’s performance since its debut, analysts claim that the new OS is slowly becoming a “reinvented” Vista.

Approximately two months after its launch, Windows 8 experienced a market share of 1.6 percent, if we are to trust the figures provided by Net Applications.

Windows Vista, Microsoft’s biggest flop on the operating systems market, had a market share of 2.2 percent during the same timeframe after its launch.

But it’s too early to judge Windows 8, Acer President Jim Wong said in an interview in late December. Even if the new operating system has been greeted with pessimism, Windows 8 has the potential to post a significant sales increase in the next few months.

The problem, however, is that Windows 8’s success also seems to depend on the PC industry, whose recovery won’t take place sooner than mid-2013, according to several analysts.

Microsoft has already blamed the hardware market for Windows 8’s slow debut, claiming that the lack of devices running its newest software is seriously affecting its sales.

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