Windows 8 Could Be a Seismic Event for the Industry – UK Retailer

John Lewis official claims that Windows 8 could boost sales of many industry sectors

With so many rumors swirling around and suggesting that Windows 8 is missing internal sales projections, it’s no wonder that many users believe that it’s going to become the new Vista.

But a John Lewis official says that Windows 8 actually has the potential to boost sales of several industry sectors, not only those of the traditional desktop computer.

John Lewis is one of the many retailers across the world that got the chance to sell Microsoft’s new Surface RT tablet after the Redmond-based technology giant decided to distribute the device through non-Microsoft stores.

“Windows 8 has the potential to be a seismic event for the UK computing market, as it gives customers a reason to trade up into new form factors, like convertible PCs for example. This is why Windows 8 has been given so much focus in-store; not just within the technology departments but also in other areas such as shop windows,” Rebecca Smith, buyer of computing & printing at John Lewis, told PCR.

Analysts, however, expect Windows 8 to take off next year and contribute to a significant recovery of the collapsing PC market.

Microsoft initially said that it had managed to sell a total of 40 million Windows 8 copies in just one month, with sources familiar with the matter hinting that the company projects that many more would be sold in early 2013.

In addition, company insiders have indicated that Steve Ballmer’s future at the helm of Microsoft also depends on the way Windows 8 performs of the market.

Although the current CEO has initially said that he’s planning to retire in 2017 or 2018, it may seem like the board isn’t satisfied with Windows 8 sales and, given the fact that this could be Ballmer’s second Windows flop, he may be forced to retire a few years earlier.

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