“Windows 8 Brings Me $30,000 a Month,” Says Happy Developer

Yet another success story on Windows 8 apps reaches the web

Kevin Ashley is one of the few happy developers who embraced Windows 8 from the very beginning and created several apps for Microsoft’s latest platform.

Ashley wrote in a blog post that Windows 8 is “a fantastic operating system” and, even though it could be really hard to make money with an application designed to run in the Metro UI, everything is possible with patience, time, and dedication.

Of course, this could very well be the kind of article that praises Windows 8 from its beginning to the end, so don’t take everything for granted, but it’s always nice to see that some developers are actually enjoying a terrific success after making the move to Windows 8.

Ashley claims that his Windows 8 apps bring around $30,000 (€23,000) per month in ad revenue and sales, which include in-app purchases and ads, as all apps are available with a freeware license.

“I spent many nights and weekends, polishing the code, staying up late at night until 2AM coding. This is not easy: to build apps that can be used by half a million people from many different countries. I read all reviews, thousands of them, answered thousands of questions, made hundreds of improvements suggested by users to achieve this result. The truth is: any app reaching this stage is a work of art, it requires a lot of work, patience, time and dedication,” he writes.

In case you’re wondering, Kevin Ashley is the developer of Card Games Chest, an exciting Windows 8 game that’s already enjoying a terrific success in the Store. The card game currently has 581 ratings, with an overall score of four stars.

“When I started this project, I never thought about making any money at all: this is my hobby, what I like doing on the weekends and nights, when I’m away from my everyday business,” he continued.

The blog post then goes on to reveal some tricks on how to create a better app for Windows 8, even though Ashley admits that making so much money with Metro solutions designed to run on Microsoft’s new OS is pure luck.

What’s your take on this? Do you really think that it’s possible to get rich overnight by simply creating Windows 8 apps?

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