Windows 8 Aero UI on Steroids Automatic Colorization

Windows 8 will be a tad more intelligent than its predecessor when it comes to the user experience delivered by the Windows Aero GUI.

Recent leaks reveal the fact that Windows 8’s graphical user interface will be able to adapt itself to desktop changes made by end users.

Essentially, Microsoft is preparing a Windows 8 Aero UI on steroids, taking the Window Color and Appearance options to the next level through the introduction of the new automatic colorization capability.

When it will come down to changing the color of the window borders, Start menu and Taskbar, the Redmond company will allow users to leverage an Automatic Color option, according to Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott.

Automatic Color will permit Windows Aero to tailor itself seamlessly to the desktop background, providing users with harmonious chromatic visuals across the entire surface of the operating system.

It’s clear that Windows 8 will provide customers with a much more in-tune color scheme and wallpaper mixture, while preserving the options already in Windows 7.

While the new feature is not all that much, it does prove that the software giant is hard at work not only on the new Immersive UI, but also on the good old Windows Aero user interfaces.

Automatic Color will only be available with the full Aero UI, as the eye candy will require a little more hardware resources than the basic user interface of the operating system.

So far along in the development process of Windows 8, reportedly at Milestone 3 (M3) Build, no additional details on the evolution of the operating system’s UI have been shared officially with the public.

Microsoft is not expected to start lifting the translucency veil from the Windows vNext project until the second half of 2011 when a public Beta development milestone is expected.


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