Windows 8 Accelerometer, Inclinometer, Compass, and Gyrometer

“Overview of motion and device orientation for Windows Developer Preview” whitepaper

Tailored to next-generation form factors, Windows 8 will allow users to interact with their devices via a variety of input models, from the traditional mouse and keyboard to touch.

By extension, applications running in Windows 8 will also be NUI-friendly, as long as the devices themselves will permit it.

Essentially, when taking advantage of Windows 8’s natural user interface capabilities, developers will be able to incorporate motion-sensor input into their projects.

Those early Windows 8 adopters that require a bit of guidance from Microsoft can download this free whitepaper “Overview of motion and device orientation for Windows Developer Preview.”

“This paper provides information about writing apps that consume accelerometer, inclinometer, compass, and gyrometer input using the Sensor platform for Windows operating systems. In addition, it describes the use of the Orientation sensor (a fusion of multiple sensors). It assumes that the reader is familiar with the Sensor platform for Windows Developer Preview,” Microsoft reveals.

According to the software giant, devs can built simple apps, namely programs that leverage only one sensor out of what Windows 8 has available.

“Most simple applications rely on a single sensor, the accelerometer, as an input device. This application typically uses only one- or two-axes for input; but, it may also use the shake event as another input source. Simple applications may also incorporate an inclinometer,” the company explains.

However, undoubtedly there will also be developers wanting to make the best of all Windows 8 motion sensors, and they’ll need to build what Microsoft calls a complex app.

“A complex application relies primarily on the OrientationSensor projection when it’s available. This projection requires three sensors: an accelerometer, a gyrometer, and a magnetometer,” the software giant explained.

“When the OrientationSensor projection isn’t available, an application has several fallback options. One option is to rely on Euler angles derived from the accelerometer and the magnetometer data. Another option is to create an OrientationSensor projection on the fly by combining the accelerometer, gyrometer, and compass data within the application code.”

Windows 8 Developer Preview Build 8102 Milestone 3 (M3) is available for download here.

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