Windows 8.2 / Green Concept Released – Photo Gallery

This is what the Windows 8.1 successor could look like

By on June 12th, 2013 08:14 GMT

Windows 8.1 Preview is almost here, but the designers over at Studio384 decided to step beyond this new release and focus on what could follow next.

The so-called Windows Green, or Windows 8.2 if you prefer, could be the second major update for Windows 8 and would obviously bring several major improvements to the operating system.

The designers focused almost exclusively on the Metro UI and included what’s being called a “notification center” that groups all notifications you receive on a Windows 8.2 device. Obviously inspired from mobile phones, this notification center would display basically everything, including software updates, emails, messages, and calendar entries.

In addition, the Windows Green concept also improves the desktop user interface. The window control buttons are now simpler, while the Taskbar doesn’t support transparency anymore for an improved Metro feel.

Windows 8.2 Concept (5 Images)

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