Windows 8.1’s Outlook 2013 Desktop Email Client Detailed

The Blue update cycle is expected to bring Outlook 2013 RT on Windows RT tablets

Microsoft confirmed earlier today that Windows 8.1 will also bring a number of improvements to Windows RT too, including the Outlook 2013 email client.

In addition to the standard built-in Mail client available in the Metro UI, users will also be provided with a desktop flavor of Outlook 2013 specifically aimed at Windows RT, but only little is known for the time being.

Now a post on the official Microsoft Office blog comes to reveal a few more details on the future client.

Microsoft’s Chris Schneider wrote that Outlook 2013 RT would come with options to quickly answer to emails with inline replies, but also with dedicated options to access the calendar. And still, the provided information remains vague.

Here’s what Schneider has written in the blog post:

“We're pleased to have Outlook 2013 RT join the other best-in-class Office 2013 RT applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. And just like those applications, Outlook 2013 RT delivers a great touch experience for people using tablets.

“The new Outlook has so much to offer including a streamlined user experience that reduces clutter and makes your content king. From cool new features like quickly responding to email with inline reply, to using 'peeks' to view your calendar or contacts without having to manually switch between tabs, Outlook brings great new tools to your fingertips.”

Outlook 2013 RT is quite an important addition to the Windows RT platform, as such an application would greatly improve the productivity side of the tablets running this particular operating system.

What’s more, Microsoft is also believed to be working on a touch-optimized version of the Office productivity suite that would basically enable users to create and manage documents, presentations, and spreadsheets without even leaving the Metro UI. More details, however, would only be provided later this year.

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