Windows 8.1 Update Cannot Be Installed, Returns Error Code 80073712

It appears that users are now stuck with another error when installing 8.1 Update

As compared to Windows 8.1, the new Windows 8.1 Update is being delivered through Windows Update in order to avoid any potential downloading and installation issues, but it seems that plenty of users are actually stuck with some weird error codes that do not say anything about what went wrong.

As we reported to you yesterday, a number of users are provided with error code 80070020 when trying to install Windows 8.1 Update, but today it has emerged that another message pops up when attempting to deploy the new OS version.

This time, users are provided with a message saying, “Couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes” and then with error code 80073712 which, again, doesn’t provide any other specifics on how users can actually fix the issues.

Here’s what one of the affected users posted on Microsoft’s Community forums today:

“The installation of KB2919355 proceeds quickly to 74%, becomes dead slow until 89% complete, and finally aborts without any specific error message, just stating ‘Couldn't complete the updates. Undoing Changes’. Wasted the whole day yesterday trying again and again, utilizing everything mentioned in the previous posts. I have 8.1 installed on a 240 GB SSD with 50 GB available free space, data are on a separate drive.”

Many other users have already confirmed similar problems, so it’s very unlikely for this to be just an isolated issue affecting a small number of computers.

At this point, there are several workarounds available, but none actually seems to be solving the problems, even though a number of users claim they have managed to install Windows 8.1 Update after performing a system refresh or reset.

As a general recommendation, make sure that you are running a fully up-to-date copy of Windows 8.1 Update, as the new OS version released by Microsoft has several requirements that calls for users to deploy all the previously-released patches rolled out on Patch Tuesdays.

Of course, you can always download Windows 8.1 Update manually, but this clearly takes a bit more time and additional resources are also needed to make sure that everything is installed correctly.

Microsoft is yet to provide a fix for this problem, but we’ve reached out to the company for more information on what’s happening and we’ll update the article accordingly when and if we get an answer.

In the meantime, if you find a workaround make, sure to post it in the comment box after the jump to let others know about it.

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