Windows 8.1 Is the Best Windows XP Replacement, Microsoft Says

The company praises the security features of its new operating system

Windows XP will go dark in less than six months and because a new operating system version is now up for grabs, Microsoft is promoting it as the right choice for all users willing to upgrade.

Redmond has started praising the security features implemented in Windows 8.1, explaining that remote business data removal, improved biometrics support, pervasive device encryption, improved Internet Explorer, malware resistance and device lockdown make for a very powerful platform.

“These features, coupled with new devices that build security into the hardware itself, help ensure and maintain device integrity (UEFI - Secure Boot) and data protection (TPM - Encryption), providing business customers with an added layer of security not available on the older hardware,” it said.

At the same time, Microsoft explains that Windows 8.1 packs lots of features aimed at businesses, including advanced manageability, BYOD support, mobility and networking options.

Windows 8.1 is designed to help organizations drive their business forward with increased productivity, whether it be through connected mobile scenarios to enable new business opportunities, or leveraging technology to better streamline existing processes,” it added.

The problem with Windows XP is that it remains incredibly popular these days, as more than 30 percent of the users worldwide are still running it right now.

As for Windows 8.1, Microsoft officially launched it on October 18 and it’s now available for free for all Windows 8 adopters. The update is listed in the Store and can be installed with just one click, thus making it pretty easy for all Windows 8 users to make the switch.

In addition, Microsoft is also selling it separately for consumers who are still running older Windows versions, such as XP, Vista, or 7. The core version of Windows 8.1 comes with a price of $119.99 (€90), while the professional package has a price tag of $199.99 (€150).

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