Windows 8.1 August Update Users Confirm Taskbar Bug

Many of those who have installed the update experience the same persistent taskbar issue

The newly launched Windows 8.1 August Update reportedly comes with a bug that keeps the taskbar always on top when working in the Modern UI, and several users of Microsoft’s Community forums have confirmed the issue in new posts today.

According to those who have turned to the forums to discuss about the issue, the unexpected persistent taskbar problem is not related to any hardware specifications and appears all of a sudden when accessing the Modern UI.

“I have the same issue, but it's only when using a keyboard. When I use the touchscreen, the taskbar goes away on the start screen. This is on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro,” one user posted.

Basically, the issue is causing the taskbar to remain always on top when working in the Modern UI, and the only way to make it go away is to access the desktop once again and then open back the Start screen.

One of those who have already installed the Windows 8.1 August Update explains that once you access the taskbar from the Modern UI with the mouse, it never goes away.

“What I'm seeing is that whenever the taskbar is activated either by using the desktop or placing the mouse on the bottom border of the screen, the taskbar activates and stays there. The only way to remove it is to go to the desktop (doesn't work with any app), then press the Windows key on the keyboard to go to the Start Screen. At that point the taskbar disappears. Basically you cannot activate the taskbar with the mouse or it will stay there forever,” he says.

Needless to say, some people think that this could actually be a feature of the new update pack, but it’s most likely a problem that’s affecting only a small number of users.

Microsoft hasn’t provided any details on this, but with the frustration growing on support forums, expect the company to come up with a fix or at least share a workaround in the coming days.

“I have to say I don't like this change. Yes, I can see how keeping the taskbar on-screen when you go to the Start Screen while using a mouse is a good idea. But if the taskbar is mouse activated from within an app, make it go away once you move the cursor back to the app. Right now, the persistent taskbar can cover up or partially cover up app UI elements which makes them harder to use and also visually messy,” one of the those installed the August Update notes.

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