Windows 7 vs. Windows 8.1: Users Mixed on Which One Is Better

Some people love the new Modern OS, while others prefer to stick to Windows 7

We asked, you answered. ‘Is Windows 8 really that awful?’ was the question that stirred up so many controversies last week, pretty much because opinions are still divided on Microsoft’s modern operating system.

Ever since it got to see daylight in October 2012, Windows 8 continuously had to face never-ending waves of criticism, mostly because of the many changes it brings to the IT world.

We decided to simply hear it from you, so we asked whether Windows 8 is indeed a bad operating system and everyone should stick to Windows 7 or move all computers to the new release featuring a Start screen.

Users who posted answers to our questions have pretty mixed thoughts on Windows 8, which is probably the only viable reason behind the current 10 percent market share that the modern OS launched by Microsoft currently has on the desktop.

We’ve read all your comments and here are a few that seem to reflect the way people actually see Windows 8 these days:

“Do you find Windows 8 better than Windows 7? YES, YES and YES (faster startup and shut down times, more responsive... built for touch (for those who use this feature)).” – TheBlueBear

“Needed a little bit of learning when I first used Windows 8 but never a problem to grasp the idea and new concept, in which I must say I like. Yes, I also like IE Metro and no, I never missed the start button.” – Deen

“Win 8.1 is pretty good. stable, secure and surprisingly usable. The start screen s a piece of cake and I had no problems moving to it. Have resisted the temptation to install third party start button. The start button is better in 8.1.” – wavey

“I personally love Windows 8/8.1. Microsoft is trying to differentiate themselves from the competition so people can quit calling them ‘Apple copiers’ or whatever. Its good that Microsoft is listening to their customers.” – mcgiggity69

“Windows 8.1 is bloody fantastic. I pray that Microsoft not ruin windows 9 by listening to the whiners, I hope they continue the vision they started.” – jtucker14

“Live long and prosper Windows 7. I hate Windows 8 look, metro to.” – daniel4x

“I shall remain on Windows 7 until Microsoft comes up with a stable, attractive OS to replace it. On a daily basis, I read about another break in the ill-fated Win 8, and how to work around it.” – Grouch

“It looks more unfinished than windows 7, some Metro settings do not cover all the required options and makes the user to ask himself whether to go towards system options or control panel. It's a ugly combination of touch and non touch.” – cristi_bv

“Windows 7 is the best system since xp and should still be on sale.. win 8 needs another year.” – Bolly

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