Windows 7 Supports 800,000 Unique Apps and 240,000 Unique Devices

At just two months after launch

At just two months after it hit store shelves worldwide, Microsoft’s latest version of the Windows client enjoys a level of support other platform makers can only dream about. The number of unique applications that play nice with Windows 7 is approaching the 1 million mark, while the number of devices compatible with the operating system is extremely close to 250,000. The statistics were made public by Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive officer, during his keynote address at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“The Windows platform represents the broadest ecosystem of developers in the world from casual games to the most powerful software running the world's biggest organizations. There are over four million Windows applications in all, and Windows 7 allows software to become even better. Developers are creating rich applications that take advantage of the new technologies in 7. Our partners have delivered over 800,000 new unique Windows 7 applications exploiting these new technologies with over 240,000 new devices, peripherals, and machines just since we delivered the beta release,” Ballmer revealed.

Obviously, Windows 7 is the apple that has fallen as far as possible from the Windows Vista tree. Windows 7 has been spared the lack of support and incompatibility problems that plagued Vista after launch. The fact that it has Vista at its core has only managed to be a benefit for customers, as hardware manufacturers and software developers had years to get their products compatible with the latest iteration of Windows. The fact that there are over 1 million software and hardware products compatible with Windows 7 speaks about the strength of the platform, which Microsoft also claims is a smashing success in terms of sales.

“This all includes an unprecedented array of products that take advantage of new capabilities, platform capabilities like voice, touch, GPS sensing, graphics, social communication, streaming media, and much more, which are available for industry innovation in Windows 7. The quality, the value, and the choice in Windows PCs simply can't be matched on any other platform. And looking back on the past year, it's clear that Windows 7 really is a rising tide that has helped lift many boats in our business. But rather than just sit here and talk, talk, talk about what we're delivering, we'd like to show you what is now available or coming soon,” Ballmer added.

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