Windows 7 Remains the World’s Number 1 OS Despite Windows 8’s Arrival

Windows 7 still holds the largest share on the OS market

Microsoft debuted the new Windows 8 in late October, but it will probably take months and maybe years for this new OS to become one of the most popular products in this industry segment.

The latest figures from Net Applications reveal that Windows 7 is not only the most popular operating system in the entire world, but also the one that significantly increases its market share every month.

Windows 7 had a market share of 44.69 percent in October, up from 44.01 percent in September, while Windows XP lost some precious points last month, as Microsoft urges everyone to dump this particular OS version.

The results show that Windows XP still holds a market share of 40.66 percent, as compared to 41.23 percent in September.

Windows Vista remains one of the most disappointing Windows versions ever, with a total market share of 5.80 percent last month.

As for Windows 8, it needs some time on the market before it could be crowned the top OS. Statistics reveal that only 0.41 percent of the users were actually running the new OS in October, a slight increase over the 0.33 percent share recorded a month before.

Unsurprisingly, the Redmondians remain incredibly optimistic and Steve Ballmer himself brags about the new OS, revealing that four million upgrades have been sold in just one weekend.

Windows 8 is also expected to record a significant growth in the upcoming months, as Microsoft has started not only its largest advertising campaign in the US, but it has also launched special update offers for those running a previous Windows version.

“Windows 8 will make it a lot of fun to do... nothing. It has the best of all worlds, Ballmer explained. You can do anything on a Windows 8 PC,” Ballmer said during the Windows 8 launch event that took place last month.

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