Windows 7 RTM Whopper – Get a Taste

By Burger King

Microsoft might have a variety of mouth-watering Windows 7 offerings lined up for customers now that the operating system is generally available to the public for purchase, but fact is that the Redmond company can’t even come close to a special deal from Burger King. As you can see in the image accompanying this article, as well as in the video embedded at the bottom of this article, Burger King has come up with nothing short of an absolutely ridiculous Windows 7-related meat monstrosity (via Engadget).

Ridiculous indeed, but not as a publicity stunt. The Windows 7 meat monster, launched concomitantly with the worldwide release of the latest Windows client, is available exclusively in Japan. At the same time, the Windows 7 Whopper, as it is dubbed, will only be offered to customers for a total of seven days, one week, since its introduction.

As you can see, the Windows 7 Whopper doesn’t actually feature Windows Aero, and transparency might not be its thing, but on the upside, it does sport no less than seven stacked beef patties. A challenge for all end users, no matter how healthy the Windows 7 appetite might be, the whopper is 13 cm high and weighs in at 113 grams. Not too shabby for the 777 yen (approximately $9).

I’m not sure if the Windows 7 Whopper is the healthiest alternative to satisfy the hunger of Windows geeks, in Japan or elsewhere, although Burger King did not deliver any indications that it plans to internationalize the whopper. However, for users left brokenhearted by the way Longhorn transformed itself into Windows Vista, the Windows 7 Whopper certainly has the chance to act like a heart stopper. The actual Windows 7 OS might be a better choice, albeit less nutritious by far.

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