Free Windows 7 RTM Bing Screensaver Available for Download

Courtesy of Microsoft

Want some new desktop gear to complement your Bing themes for the latest iteration of Windows 7? Then look no further than the new Bing screensaver offered for download by Microsoft, through a website dedicated to enabling users to enhance their desktop and search experiences with free downloads related to the company’s decision/search engine.

Once you download and install the screensaver, it will appear in the Screensaver section of the Personalization option in Windows 7, under Appearance and Personalization in Control Panel. While it is referred to only generically as a Bing screensaver on the download site, the package is in fact labeled as Bing Around the World.

Essentially, the screensaver is a package of images that were used as backgrounds for the home page of Microsoft’s decision/search engine. Users of Live Search and its successor undoubtedly are already familiar with the software giant’s approach to personalizing the Bing start page with unique wallpapers featuring images captured around the world that change on a daily basis. The Bing backgrounds are accompanied by Silverlight hotspots, namely discoverable areas that allow easy access to information related to a specific image.

The Bing Around the World screensaver is designed to integrate with “Windows 7; Windows Vista, Windows XP with Service Pack(SP) 2, [and requires] Windows Internet Explorer 6 or later; Firefox 3.0 or later, 512 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher, 500 megahertz (MHZ) processor or higher 50 megabyte (MB) of free hard drive space,” according to Microsoft.

The best thing about the Bing screensaver is that it is not limited to Windows 7 exclusively, as it’s the case with the Bing themes. Since the launch of Vista’s successor, Microsoft released two Bing theme packs, wallpaper packages, designed only for Windows 7. You will be able to find download links for the Bing screensaver as well as the two Windows 7 Bing themes below.

As far as the Bing screensaver is concerned, users need to download the file and save it locally on their machine. In order to install it, customers will have to simply double-click the executable file, which will launch the installer. The screensaver attempts to convince users to set Bing as their default search engine and as their home page at one point. Those that don’t want to can simply uncheck the boxes next to the options.

The Bing Around the World screensaver is available for download here.

Windows 7 Bing's Best 1 Theme is available for download here.

Windows 7 Bing's Best 2 Theme is available for download

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