Windows 7 Made Sinofsky Rich: He Owns $17.5M in Microsoft Stock

The former Windows chief has about 650,000 shares of Microsoft’s stock

By on November 15th, 2012 20:01 GMT

Steven Sinofsky left Microsoft a couple of days ago, but he still has one serious reason to smile. Although he’s unemployed right now, Sinofsky is filthy rich.

Citing official documents of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, writes that Sinofsky owns approximately 650,000 shares of the company stock.

On Tuesday, the closing price for a Microsoft share was $27.09 (€21.26), which brings the overall value of Sinofsky’s shares to no less than $17.5 million (€13.7 million).

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has no reason to worry about losing his job at the Redmond-based technology company. He has 333 million shares, with an estimated value of $15.9 billion (€12.4 billion). According to Forbes, this means that he’s the 19th richest American.

In the meantime, we’re still waiting for an official reason on Sinofsky’s departure, as more information on the matter is constantly reaching our ears (and eyes).


Windows 7 was Sinofsky's major project within Microsoft
   Windows 7 was Sinofsky's major project within Microsoft