Windows 7 Fun Facts

Just ahead of October 22nd, 2010, Microsoft revealed that Windows 7 sales topped 240 million units in just the first year on the market.

This means that the uptake rate for the fastest selling operating system in history continues to be as high as earlier this year when the company reported that no less than 7 copies of the platform were flying off of store shelves each second.

240 million per year means that Microsoft sold 657,534 Windows 7 copies per day, 27,397 copies per hour, and 7.6 copies each second.

No less than 7 copies of Windows 7 were sold per second in the first year since the operating system hit general availability.

The successor of Windows Vista currently accounts for a usage share of 17.10%, and surpassed its predecessor in terms of audience in July 2010, one year after it was released to manufacturing.

93% of all new computers from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) ship with Windows 7 preinstalled.

It took all of Microsoft’s OEM partners, over 18,000 just six months to embrace Windows 7 entirely.

Windows 7 also caused the consumer satisfaction score of Microsoft to outpace that of Apple, a fact which emphasizes the high level of quality of this operating system.

The vast majority of companies are currently getting ready to adopt Windows 7. It appears that no less than 88% of business customers are currently piloting the operating system.

The Windows 7 Start Menu was opened a total of 14,139,925,439 times in the last month alone, which shows that the orb in the bottom left hand side of the screen continues to be the focus point for the OS.

Also in the last month various elements of Windows Aero were used extensively by users, namely Aero Snap 150,957,478 times; Aero Shake 20,555,528 times; Jumplists 339,129,958 times.

No less than 12,643 unique applications were pinned to the Taskbar (Windows 7’s Superbar).

Windows 7 is also the safest operating system from Microsoft with just a 1.2 infection rate compared to 2.5 for Vista SP2 and 5 for XP.

Windows 7 RTM Enterprise 90-Day Evaluation is available for download here.

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