Windows 7 Build 7057 RC1 Leak Complete, Both 32-bit and 64-bit

Available for download from BitTorrent websites

The Windows 7 Build 7057 leak is complete as both the 32-bit and the 64-bit flavors of the operating system are available for download in the wild via BitTorrent trackers. Although Microsoft continues to focus on Windows 7 Build 7000 released to the public in January 2009, fact is that the company has long passed the Beta milestone and moved the next iteration of Windows into the Release Candidate stage, since December 2008. Builds such as 7022, 7048 and now 7057, all leaked to torrent websites, are illustrative examples of this.

Following the initial leak of Windows 7 Build 7057 x86, the x64 version has also made it into the wild. The DVD ISO image comes with the following information MD5=3e262526f9a758c5b3624910a05 c2699; SHA1=b79d4552a7a871901e881ae308f9188e04a4f929; and CRC32=22ef1237. The file weighs in at 3.2 GB. Just as it was the case for the 32-bit variant, 64-bit Windows 7 Build 7057 was also compiled in the first week of March 2009 and includes the changes already introduced in Build 7048.

Build 7057 is the first development milestone of Windows 7 labeled Release Candidate (Win7_RC.1_Ult_NRL-en-US). In fact, it is referred to as RC1 by Microsoft in the End User License Agreement, even though the Redmond company only plans to release a single RC and then move straight to RTM. You will be able to get an idea of the deployment of 32-bit Windows 7 Build 7057 via the “Installing Windows 7 Build 7057 – 43 Screenshots Gallery” article. For a comprehensive look at the release, along with an enumeration of the changes, please read “Windows 7 Build 7057 RC 110 Screenshots Gallery.”

At the same time, Microsoft has reportedly long moved past Build 7057, having already produced Windows 7 Build 7061. The software giant has not discussed any specific build numbers past Beta Build 7000, and certainly did not confirm through the official channels the 7022, 7048 and 7057 releases to the public. Still, by opening up on the changes included in the Release Candidate of Windows 7, the Redmond company indirectly confirmed the existence and validity of such leaked development milestones as 7048 and 7057. At this point in time there are no reports indicating that Windows 7 Build 7061 has been leaked.

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