Windows 7 Build 6780 M3 and the Fluent/Ribbon User Interface

Just the beginning

Windows 7 Build 6780 Milestone 3 represents the first time in the evolution of Windows Vista's successor when Microsoft introduced the Fluent/Ribbon graphical user interface into the operating system. Default components of the next iteration of the Windows client including Paint and WordPad are now featuring the same UI as the Office 2008 System. But the fact of the matter is that this is just the beginning. Delivered with the move from Office 2003 to Office 2007, the Fluent/Ribbon GUI is going to be an indispensable part of the Windows 7 user experience.

This aspect was confirmed by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates as early as February 2008. According to him, the Fluent/Ribbon GUI will be adopted across applications in Windows 7 because it has proved itself with the Office 2007 system. The strongest aspect of the graphical user interface is that it automatically makes application functionality more discoverable, and that it is perfectly tailored to the touch capabilities of the operating system.

In the adjacent image you will be able to see the implementation of Fluent/Ribbon into Paint for Windows 7 Build 6780 M3, courtesy of UXEvangelist. However, Microsoft is determined not to stop at overhauling the style of the Windows 7 components. The Redmond giant is in fact prepared to pour in the necessary efforts to catalyze the birth of the next generation of graphical user interface development for the Windows platform.

In the end, what Microsoft intends to do is revamp the Windows client GUI guidelines for developers, in order to ensure that the Fluent/Ribbon will be adopted into an increasing number of third-party applications. The change will not happen overnight, and the fact of the matter is that Microsoft has been offering developers the chance to utilize Fluent/Ribbon following the launch of Office 2007 for free. However, Windows 7 is heading in a direction where the Fluent/Ribbon user interface will become the mainstream UI across Windows client applications.


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