Windows 8 Update Fails on KB2770917

One of Microsoft’s latest updates get stuck at 15%

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates were supposed to fix several issues in Windows 8, but there’s one patch that actually does more harm than good.

Several users are complaining that Windows Update fails on update KB2770917 and, as far are some of them are concerned, there’s no workaround for the issue.

According to a long Microsoft Answers thread, Windows Update normally downloads and tries to install the update, asking for a reboot when the task comes to an end. Once the reboot is completed, installation fails at 15 percent, so the machine is restarted once again, with all changes automatically reverted.

“I am having the same problem when trying to install the latest rounds of Windows 8 updates (my Windows 8 installation was a clean install not an upgrade). All updates install successfully except KB2770917, which fails at 15% into the Configuring Windows Update,” a user said.

“Is there something wrong with this update? Any suggestions how how to get this update to install. I am glad it is not a critical security update, but still it is frustrating to spend so much time only to see the failure notice during the restart/configuring windows phase,” he continued.

There’s no workaround for the time being, but here’s what another user suggested in a post:

“Type in msconfig.exe and hit enter, go to the Services tab on the top, check the box on the bottom that says hide all Microsoft services, click ‘Disable all,’ restart the computer and install update. After installation follow the same instructions but click enable all instead of disable all and restart again and everything should be good. Hopefully it works for others.”

Microsoft is yet to comment on the problem, but we’ve already contacted the company for an official statement on this, so we’ll get back to you as soon as we receive an answer.

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