WinZip for Windows 8 Released, Trial Available for Download

The “Modern” app comes with a price tag of $7.99 (€6.3)

The official WinZip app has just landed on Windows 8 and is now available to all users who want a powerful compression tool right in the Windows Store.

Sadly, it’s not available for free, but that shouldn’t be a problem because the app comes with a pretty decent price. Consumers need to pay just $7.99 (€6.3) for a full license.

It supports both ZIP and ZIPX formats and it integrates into the Windows 8 Charms bar to quickly share ZIP archives to somebody else.

Of course, its interface is completely optimized for the touch, so it can also be installed on Surface RT and other Windows RT tablets.

Here’s the complete specs list, as it was published in the Store:

- Open .zip and .zipx files;

- Secure confidential files from prying eyes, whether they are sent by email, shared online or stored on your system, with WinZip’s military-grade encryption;

- Easily send large files by email by zipping your attachments first or by using the integrated ZipSend file delivery service;

- Securely share any type of file and rich content on Facebook using seamless integration with ZipShare;

- Use the Windows 8 ‘Share’ charm to deliver zipped files to your contacts through email, social media or other apps;

- Experience super easy-to-use Windows 8-style interface with touch-friendly features;

- Securely send files to mobile devices with WinZip’s password protection;

- Compress large files, entire folders or archives for faster transfer and to save space on your system.

Although the Windows Store already comes with a few more compression tools, WinZip is actually the first important app in this particular software category that’s released for Windows 8.

The programmers over at RARLab are expected to release their very own version of WinRAR for the new Windows OS anytime soon, as the Windows Store is growing bigger every day.

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