Will Ferrell Will Do Anything If You Vote for Obama

New ad brings some humor to the Presidential Elections

If you’re looking for someone to make every one of your dreams come true, Will Ferrell is the guy. However, you will have to go out and vote tomorrow in the Presidential Elections.

Check out the video above: it’s an ad in support of Barack Obama.

In it, Ferrell proposes to do anything from eating underpants and dirty socks, to home cooked meals or even to help you move your couch. He even has his own van, so you won’t have to rent one.

Ferrell is the latest celebrity to lend his voice in support of Barack Obama but, you have to admit, he’s the one who does it with the most humor.

In the Presidential Elections, Obama is going head to head with Mitt Romney who, as I also reported just recently is opting for a more serious tone.

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