Wildman Uses Kickstarter Because It Creates Fan Connections

Chris Taylor says the new game will benefit from them

Developer Gas Powered Games has recently announced that it is working on a Kickstarter-funded game called Wildman and company leader Chris Taylor believes that the use of crowd funding means that the new project cannot be canceled once enough fans back it.

Speaking to Gamasutra, the game creator says, “We've had projects that we've been working on over the past 15 years that, three-quarters of the way through, some almost finished, some halfway, and they get cancelled.”

Keeping projects secret was also a big problem for Gas Powered Games and it was frustrating for fans to be kept in the dark even after a project was canceled.

Taylor adds, “People think we've been twiddling our thumbs. And yet, we've been working on these cool games, and the publishers don't care to tell the world that what we've been working on has been cancelled.”

The developer likes using Kickstarter for resources because he believes it is easier to convince 50,000 fans to contribute than to ask the same amount of money from just one executive.

Once Wildman is launched, Gas Powered Games wants to use all the money it gets from the commercial release to improve the overall game experience.

Wildman will use inspiration and mechanics from all previous projects that the developer has worked on.

The core of the game will be inspired by Dungeon Siege and will involve a set of action role-playing game concepts that give the player freedom to upgrade his character and defeat monsters to access loot.

The successful Supreme Commander will provide the real-time strategy elements, which will see Wildman enter huge areas in order to create troops and research tech that will help him defeat his enemies.

Gas Powered Games is asking for 1.1 million dollars (824,000 Euro) for Wildman and gamers have a full month to decide whether they plan to back the project.

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